Black Hills Broadband

When you mean 
You mean Us.

Get The amazing Business Services you could only dream of. 

The technology you need for the Business you do. 


Incredibly Fast Internet.

With Speeds up to 8 Gbps In select areas.

Dedicated CSR

To us, your business is as important as ours. Our dedicated CSRS know your business. are ready 24/7 to help you out.

99.9% Uptime

If our business is down you are down. We back our services to the hundredth degree, so we won't charge you for our issues.

Reliable Phones

As great as the internet is, your customers still need to reach you and reach you fast. We get you phones that you can trust.

A provider that scales with your Business.

Whether you are just starting out of your home, or have hundreds of employees. Black Hills Broadband Business Internet is here to grow right by your side. Black Hills Broadband has advanced compliance to keep you secure. Low latency to make Virtual meetings easy and everything else your business needs to grow.

Want to know more
Let's talk! Zero pressure 

Any Questions? Find the answer. 

Fiber optic is the fastest technology the world has to communicate at the speed of light. Our fiber optic network connects you to the services you rely on faster and more reliably than legacy coax,  built for TV, or phone lines, built for Phones, Our network was built for the internet.

Why do I need Business Internet?

business Internet comes with a few extra features over residential service. Such as
-Symmetrical speeds
-Our 99.9% Uptime SLA
-Business CSM Team  

Well other providers only offer this service to "enterprise" Customers. We know that your SMB is just as important. 

There for we Guarantee a minimum service that we have to meet year-round. This is unheard of in the SMB world. Our customer-placed equipment is constantly checking in, so we know when something is wrong.

Essentially if your internet isn't up for more than 99.9% of the year, we give you money back on your bill.

Excluding scheduled upgrades and maintenance. (That we notify you for)

There are many reasons to switch! Of course we are going to say that!
Black Hills Broadband offers greater speeds then most providers, nearly at the same price. That's more for less.

Our Uptime agreement is rare, we give you service or your money back. 

Once again, we are bringing executive services to your small business.
Our Dedicated Customer Support Resource team only works with you and a few other businesses. They know your business and are here to help!

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