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For Gamers

Lucas's Actual Setup ❤️ 
(Don't worry he fixed the cable management) 

What makes our net diffrent?

Due to the way we engineer our network, your data will always travel the most optimal route to its destination. 

We have engineered our network to get you to your content quicker.

By utilizing some fancy new engineering. Our Routers move your data with less latency and more consistently. 
Giving you every bit of competitive edge. 

The sooner you get to where you need to go the better. So why don't some Internet providers work that way? 

Some providers just dump you off to a bigger provider, that does what they please with your traffic as soon as possible. (to reduce their costs).

We don't.

Look, we love seeing your traffic fly across our network.
Just like over clockers it makes us feel good to watch that number go up. 
But we have to do what right for the both of us and what's right for you is to get you to your destination as soon as possible. 
We prefer to directly connect you to the content and servers you need to reduce your latency (ping).  Much like flying direct rather then connecting through a hub. 

By being open to peer. We hand you off to the games you love sooner. Whether that be Valorant, Hell Divers, League Of Legends, Call of Duty, we are always trying to get you there sooner.

If you don't know what IPv6 is don't worry about it. Just know that it makes your internet faster. 

If you do know what IPv6 is, then you know that being IPv6 Native is a big deal. Your packets are routed faster and your connections smoother. 

We are directly connected (peered) like no other. 

Home labber?

Yea we got you covered. 
You and your Linux isos 

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